Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Winners, Let Me Take You There ...

Today I'm taking you with me and I'll show you Antwerp like no tourist ever gets to see it. I'll show you the hidden places, the tiny streets and the things that made me smile when I was out on a photo walk last Tuesday.

To places where time has stood still ...

Where the name on the door says " Guardian Angel"

Far away from modern life and the big city.
And yet ...

Where the Madonna watches over you from her place in the chimney.

Where just a simple flower makes it even more pretty.

A blessed place, and I'm glad it's still there.

But come ... we have to go.

Ill show you streets with names like Paradise Street, or Princess Street ...

Doesn't it make you smile?

I did!

Well ... it WAS St. Patrick's day?

So if you're hungry or thirsty, we could go here.

We could still have fun with that camera while we're waiting?

I loved that one!

There is still so much more.

Like the old antiques shop.

There is a note on the door.

It says you have to leave a message with your phone number and a description of what you want to buy.
No cell phones though!

And then we could go for coffee.
Served in the old fashioned way.

No neon light pinball machines here!

On our way home we could enjoy a free concert.
What would you like?

I think I prefer jazz ...

That's it from me today.
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