Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Winners , Dancing on the Ceiling

Yesterday was D-day.
Or should I say P-day ?

Painting my kitchen ceiling is a heavy duty chore I had been procrastinating for much too long.

It involves a lot of "stuff" to be cleared out.

Oooh, I have way too much stuff!

One needs tape and tools...

and hubby also needs his tools ...

And then you'll end up clearing up the tools hubby left there
as well as getting the paint job done!

One will need some " stress food" ...

and a little Pastis break

Taping ...

And still manage to take some "artsy" pictures in between it all.

On request: this is how I looked when the job was done. Ahum.
Yep. But I did use paint brushes too, in case you're wondering!


For those of you who requested an after shot, here it is!
Oohhh okay then ...

Can you see how much it needed to be done?
I did the painting yesterday, and spent most of today cleaning and putting everything back where it belonged. It was a hell of a job, but it's done, and I love it.

Now, don't go just yet!!
I have to ask you a little favour ?

Have you enjoyed my Scavenger Hunt pictures I published earlier this week? In case you haven't seen them, they're here. They're a great way to get to know Belgium and the way we live a little better. If you like them, would you do me a favour?
Would you vote for them please?
You can cast your vote here.
Would you?

Awwww, thanks!

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