Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Winners How Funny?

How Funny...
I've been playing Weekly Winners every week before I even started this blog.
Lotus was the one who invited me, we "met" through Nablopomo.
And in a way she has been the drive I needed to take up photography in the first place.
Before that, I took some pictures now and then while on holiday or something, but that was it.

Through Weekly Winners I have started to look for things to photograph.
I am thankful for the encouragement and the inspiration I got through this meme.
Making photo walks and visit places just to get enough pictures to publish each Sunday became a new and fascinating habit. Looking at other people's photographs both inspires and educates me.
A year and a half later, I take pictures of just about anything.
And I love it.

But what amazes me the most, is that now I can see things I would never have seen before.

Great textures in an old tree trunk.

Or an exotic palm tree in Antwerp city?
I would never have known it was there before!

Some things make me smile, like this display in an antiques shop.

Or this bike. Fully equipped for Belgian weather.

I do take pictures of just about everything. I do.
I caption this one " Anticipation".

Colours at the local market.

Always remember to look up.

Because if you do, you discover even more.
This is the logo of the railway company, it's at the train station in Antwerp.
I had never seen it before. Even my husband did not know it was there!

And sometimes things can make me smile ...

And wonder...
Dangling shoes?
I don't know why they're up there.
Does anybody know?
I've seen it on other blogs from other parts of the world.
It always makes me wonder why on earth people would hang their shoes outside?

"Now where do you think you are flying off to? "

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