Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It was a Great Holliday ....

First of all I want to thank all of my faithfull visitors
who kept stopping by this blog, and left me some comments
even though I was not "home"!
It was great to read them, they really made me smile.
I found out I have more friends than I could have imagined.
Going on a holliday is fabulous, coming back is great too.
We had a wonderful time in France. Even though we were visiting
the same region for the ninth time in a row this year,
we realize we have not seen it all yet. Not in the least!
Each year we discover new things, or rather
.... old things that are new to us!

We've visited villages we must have overlooked before,
and we found some amazing nature and gorgeous landscapes.

There was music ...

Colour ...

and delicious food and fruits bursting with flavour.

The weather was great, blue skies and sun all day, every day.
No phone and no internet, no obligations what so ever!
What more could you want?

Well if there is one thing I would have wanted,
it would have been to be able to push back the clock a little,
or make it work at half speed ....
But then again I think time would still have slipped through my fingers ...
That's just the way it is ...

And now I'm storing all of these beautiful memories
in precious little boxes in my head.
And every time I feel like it
I open one,
and I unwrap the memory, and share it right here on this blog.

That's when those precious moments really come to life again,
thanks to you, my dear friends and readers ...