Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blogless Thursday, Can't Blog, Won't Blog ...

Tink thinks Thursdays should be blogless,
but I think I may want to cheat today.
But we won't tell her, so if she comes over to see if I have been blogging,
we should all hide behind the couch, okay?
Never let her know we're all here,
because then she'll know I've been blogging anyway!
There are some things to be considered here.
First up, there is Melli, begging for dragons.
Now, I will have to dissapoint that girl for the rest of the week,
si I think I really should let her have her this one.
I keep finding them in the strangest places, they are fun!
This one lives on the canals in Bruges,
and you only get to meet him if you take a trip on one of the boats,
if you're lucky, and you look for him real well, that is ...
Here he is, ladies and gentlemen ...
** Drumrolls **

There, I think I may have made Melli happy.
Next subject please.
You see, I'm not going to be able to blog from tomorrow
up untill Monday evening, because I am out of town.
Out of the country, to be precise.
You see, today I'm packing my suitcase,
and I'll be leaving for London, first thing tomorrow morning.
Of course I'm not going to leave this place all empty
and blogless for the rest of the weekend,
you should know me better by now!
I have a couple of posts planned, so don't be sad.
I'm keeping a little bit of eye candy in store here,
just like you're used to getting around here, every day of the week!
So please drop by tomorrow for a Sky Watch Friday you wouldn't believe,
for a colourful Photo Hunt on Saturday, a Weekly Winners on Sunday
and I have a little question I want you to answer on Monday.
Please leave me a comment or two, that would be so nice!
I promise I will be back with loads of pictures for all of you to enjoy!

In the mean time let me take you on a sneak preview tour in London ...
By clicking this link you can take a tour on a boat on the river Thames.
You can drag the boat along the river,
and click on the buildings to get pictures and some history
on the buildings you see on that tour.
It's like taking the tour with me, you really ought to try it!

And I'm throwing in some of my own pictures
from last year's trip, now how's that?

You want more? Of course you do!
There will be more of them on next Sunday's Weekly Winners .
Of course that is cheating,
since I will be digging them up from my archives, but hey?

I'm cheating here as well, since today is supposed to be blogless,
but I didn't hear anyone complaining, did I?