Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekly Winners This is Belgium ...

It was a very busy week for pictures this week, and I took loads of them.
On Thursday I went for a walk with two blogfriends.

It had been raining quite hard that day.

rain = puddles.

puddles = reflections.
reflections = pretty pictures, so we didn't mind!

The next day I had a photo hunting date with my husband.

The village of Deurle looks like a postcard...

Or an art gallery?

Decay with character.

Antique baluster as a garden fence.

Driving off into the countryside ...

Sinking away into oblivion.

It kept it's treasure hidden safely behind the rusted bars .

Nature and drama.

This is not a painting.
And no, it's not Holland either, we have our own windmills in Belgium!

Fiday 08/08/08
A perfect day for a wedding ...
(Click on this one for full size view. )

One more?
Okay, but that's the last one from me for today ...

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