Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bridging the Gap, Locked and Unlocked

Last Tuesdays discovery tour was not over yet.
I had found the right bridge for my Ruby Tuesday post, but I wanted more.
So I continued my trip on my bike, looking for more interesting pictures,
when I stumbled upon this ....

Can you see the different water level outside this lock and inside?
I walked up to the gate to take a picture .
"Bridging the gap!!" , I thought, "Yaaaay!"

And then I turned around and saw a boat approaching.
I had never witnessed a procedure like this before,
so I considered myself very lucky, to be at the right place at the right time!
I have so many pictures, I had to make another slide show!
Anyway, this is how it's done:

  • The entrance gates are opened and the boat sails in.
  • The entrance gates are closed.
  • A valve is opened, this lowers the boat by draining water from the chamber.
  • The exit gates are opened and the boat sails out.
And now ... from your reporter on the field ...

That was fun, and I owe it all to Alice!
She's the inspiration behind all this!
She's the one who made us find pictures with bridges on them in the first place, but this photo challenge has gone far beyond that. It even "bridges the gap" between bloggers from all over the world!
I could not agree more ...
If you're interested to see more bridges from around the world, then head on over to Alice's place!