Friday, August 22, 2008

Reflect This!

Today is the last day of my holliday,
I'll have to go to work again tomorrow.
Time has fled, those three weeks went by in just a whisper.
Highlight of this vacation was my trip to London with my two sisters.
As usual, I took lots and lots of pictures.
Up until now, I took all of my pictures with my small camera.
It's the camera you can see me using on the right hand side of this blog.

It had never let me down before, but on the second day
of our stay in London, it suddenly did. The lens got blocked,
and I could not get it to open nor close anymore.
That's when I realized really how much a camera means to me.
I was unable to enjoy what I saw anymore
because I could not capture it on photo, it felt horrible.
By the time we got back to the hotel, it seemed to wake up out of its coma,
and I could use it again. A little later that evening, it got stuck again.
From then on I said a little prayer with every picture I wanted to take!
Fortunately, that seemed to help, and I was still able
to take all the pictures I wanted, thank God for that!
I had talked to my hubby on the cell phone, and he promised
we would purchase a new one as soon as I got back.
As far as photography is concerned, my hubby is my mentor,
and he thought it was time for me to move on to a different type of camera.

Well you all know the rest of the story, I introduced you to him yesterday!
For those of you who are dying to find out, it's the Canon Powershot S5 IS.
The 40D my hubby owns is way too intimidating for me,
I prefer a more compact solution. I am a "point and shoot" girl,
who wants to take pictures of anything she sees.
I can walk around with this one carrying it in my one hand.
And yes, he does do fireworks, he does macro and super macro, the works!
I took him for a photowalk around Antwerp yesterday,
and I've got to say I'm very happy with the results so far!
I went hunting for reflections for Quilly's photo challenge too ...

Yeah, okay ... that's not very impressive, I know, but hang on ...
There was this spider, challenging me for a picture.
I tried spiders last year with my small camera,
but I never seemed to be able to capture them well.
But this super macro function on this one really works!!

No, no wait ...
As for the grand finale, click on the last one, and you can view it full size.
Oh, and don't worry, he won't bite you!

There, I think that's not so bad huh?
You want more?
Of course you do! There will be lots more to come!
I've decided to not join in on Photohunt for the first time in months.
Instead, I'm gonna do the last "Reflect This" for Quilly,
and I'll throw in some more pictures from Antwerp, is that a deal?

Oh well ... okay,okay .... no more spiders I promise !