Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ruby Tuesday Bridges the Gap!

My new camera is my latest addiction!
I was walking on my own around Antwerp on Friday and with my husband on Sunday ...
I made some cute rubies on both of the occasions, but still I was not quite satisfied.
You see the thing is, I joined another fun challenge,
called "Bridging the Gap" where one is supposed to post pictures of a bridge.

Yeah, I know, I'm multitasking again!
Anyway, I thought, wouldn't it be nice to post a picture
(= a lot of pictures) of a red bridge?
But I could not find a single ruby one in my archives.
Since it was a lovely day, and since my fingers itch
(EVERY MINUTE OF) EVERY SINGLE DAY to use that new camera ...
Since I had one more day off from work ...
I just felt like it, I took my camera and hopped on my bike,
leaving the laundry and the ironing and all the rest
of the chores at the house for what they were ... unfinished business!
I was gone for about two hours,
had some small talk with at least seven people I met along the way,
took pictures of bridges to get me through the week.
At the same time I got some exercise,
got to know the new camera a little better
and I now have rubies to last me for ages ( = one week) !!!
So this is what I saw ...
( By throwing in this slideshow, I'm trying to sneak
my pictures in here without Mr Blogger knowing it!
I'm at 10% of my uploading capacity, and that kind of scares me a little!)
So don't tell Mr Blogger about this, okay? )

All I wanted was a bridge with red on it ...

But that didn't take me too long.
Ten minutes later I found her, ruby as can be!
Okay, she may be "a child of a lesser god"
than the one I posted yesterday, but hey?
I think she's pretty just the same!

I'll even throw in a reflection as well, how about that huh?

Well, that's it from me for today!
So this is what I did all day, in case you're wondering?
Taking pictures is one thing.
Taking 260 of them, editing them, putting my name on ( most of) them
and blogging a post with them is another ...

I'll be off visiting the others now!
( And the laundry and the ironing ... and so on and so on...!)
For more Ruby Tuesday pictures, click here.
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