Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ruby Tuesday Reflect this ... Ruby London

Tuesday means Ruby Tuesday of course,
and I went to London this weekend to hunt for ruby pictures.
Now if I mention London and ruby you'll probably think
" oh yes, telephone booths and doubledeck busses!"
You're so right, but that is so predictable.
I don't do "predictable", I prefer "different".
Hey, at least I think this is what you expect from me?

The first two pictures are from Camden Market.

This commemorates war victims from the first and the second World War.
I found them in Hyde Park.

Some of you already know how much I like reflections,
and this is my favourite one, taken on our first day in London;
at Borough Market. It's a restaurant called Black and Blue ...

So here they are, my very first pictures from my trip to London ...
If you want to see more Ruby pictures,
visit Mary the teach, at Work of the Poet.

I had already posted these when I visited Quilly
and found out she's doing a reflections photo challenge.
Honest, I had no idea, but since three out of four are reflections,
it looks like I'm multitasking again!

I love it!
So visit Quilly for more reflections, okay?