Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reflect This, the Final Episode

Quilly's Reflect This photo challenge is coming to an end today.
It's sad, and I'm going to miss it ... but that's how it is, huh?
I made a photo walk around Antwerp on Thursday,
hunting for reflections for Quilly, and trying to find out
what my camera does, and does not ( yet) do!
I had a great time, it stopped raining and the sun came out, pure bliss!

The first reflection I saw was this one, I could have used it as a ruby too!
You can still see some raindrops there.
Reflecting on this one now, I should have tried to capture
a reflection in one of the mirrors of one of those scooters.
That would have been great, but the owner of the shop came out,
probably because he was wondering what I was doing there.
That startled me, and I hurried off, so this is all I have.
Yes, I'm a shy girl, I know! But this was one of the first pictures I took,
so please forgive me ...

This one is not good either. It's in front of a shop, it has the mirror
reflecting the house across the street, and my reflection in the window.
It's a reflection, but that just about covers it. Not a good one!

Same here, it's a reflection, but that's it!

And then I walked into this very colorful shop, and I saw this mirror.
I immediately thought, that this was going to be my reflection of the day.
I made some cute rubies there too!
It could have been worse, I made several other ones
that did not quite satisfy me when I saw them later.
Overall, I think I like the yesterdays spider best,
I just don't think I can top that one (yet)!
As far as reflections are concerned, that's it from me today.
However, I promised some pictures of Antwerp, now, didn't I?

I even managed to capture another dragon for Melli!

Tried my zoom ... and um, no ... it's not at it's limit yet, look ...

I might have to go back and do that one again,
because I was so glad I could zoom in all the way
that I cut the the dragon's body off!! I didn't notice that until I got home!
This one is at the Market Place, next to the city hall,
and believe me, it's very high up!

If you ever visit Antwerp, you're very likely to see this.
But I doubt if you would find the ( green) dragon,
you've got to be a good hunter to capture this one!
By the way, I saw some fabulous dragons in London too,
I might include them in my Weekly Winners on Sunday.
But then again ... I might not, and make a separate post out of them?
We'll see ...