Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blogless Thursday

WARNING: this is not a real blog post.

Tink over at My Mobile Adventures,
the one with the funny stars in her signature *~*~*
Tink thinks Thursdays
(ooohh, try pronouncing that ten times in a row! :-))
any way, she thinks Thursdays should be blogless.
You go by her blog, sign a Mr Linky,
put a comment with a silly reason
why you're not blogging today, and you're done!
Only today she's cheating.
She's doing two silly memes, so she's blogging anyway!
I decided to join the new movement and not blog today.
I will visit back all who left a comment anyway,
you know all you faithful readers, the ones who like me,
and want to say hi, even though I have not really blogged today?

I'm not blogging,
because I am meeting two blogfriends from Belgium,
and we're gonna talk about ... blogging all day!!!
There, I haven't blogged?
Or have I?

And if I include another picture, would that be blogging?
A post without a picture is not a real post to me.
But since this IS not a real post, I can do what I want, can I?
Right? Okay, you want it ... it's yours!

I guess I'm in the clear here, legally speaking I mean.
After all, it says at the top,
that this is not a real post,
so I guess that makes it all right, does it?

This is my 255 th post on this blog.
But since this is not a real one,
please tell me, does it still count?