Friday, April 18, 2008

Project Looking Through ...

I made these pictures with Project Looking Through in mind.
In case you're wondering what it is you are looking into,
.... it's a brasserie and it's right next to the Cathedral in Antwerp!
The place is called " het elfde gebod" which means
"the eleventh commandment" ...

It is famous for the huge collection of religious statues.
I added the link so you can check it out!
Please do, it's worth it!
Keep it in mind if ever you want to visit Antwerp!

I tried to capture the reflection of the Cathedral in those windows,
and apparently this picture also shows somebody passing
by looking at my crazy attempts to make this picture!

I had to bend through my knees all the way down
to get the best reflection ...
Yeah right!
I'll do anything for a pretty picture!

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