Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday, my Patio

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I find it very inspiring to join Tackle it Tuesday.
Looking at other people's tackles makes my hands itch
to get a couple of projects done myself.
(And there's always the odd new trick to learn too.)
Once they are done I can share them on my blog,
and then people from the other side of the world
comment on it and say " well done"! Hehehehe!
Isn't that the greatest award a woman can get?

I did some gardening last week.
You see, I don't have a real garden, it's a patio.
All of my plants live in pots,
and we store them behind bubble plastic frames
to keep them from freezing during winter.

We removed the frame a couple of weeks ago.
Soon after that we got our first snow of the year! Yep!

Instead of getting planted, my violets got snow!
I know, should have waited a little while longer,
but I'm always too impatient for spring to arrive.
Anyway, it started really getting cold,
I didn't feel like doing much gardening anymore,
and for weeks on end it looked like a mess!

Until last week when I finally got started.
First thing I did was clearing the table and give it a good rinse.

And then potted my plants on it!
I know, I know, I do everything backwards,
but what do expect ?
I was born backwards, so ... ?

Anyway ...
I cleaned the floor, decluttered the corner in the back,
got rid of all of the plastic containers,

and even found little hidden treasures !
Well, they didn't forget to bloom now, did they?

Even the sun enjoyed it ...
That's when I met this little hairy fellow ...

A couple of hours later, it looked like this.
Above is the view from my kitchen to the right.

To the left ...
Went to the florist to get "the finishing touch"
and planted those too!

My old ladders are waiting for the succulents
to come out of their winter hiding place inside.

And my violets finally got their home ...