Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thirteen Reasons why I love Spring

1. All the trees are getting new leaves again.
There is something about that fresh new green.
All of a sudden, after a long winter,
they're back, and the world is full of colour again!

2. The days are getting longer, I know this is just an illusion,
there are always (only) 24 hours in a day,
no matter what season it is.

3. The first buds, and the first flowers on the plants outside.

4. Waking up and hearing the birds sing!
I always wonder what on earth they are talking about!

5. The Great Tits started nesting again.
It's always great to see them come back, year after year.

6. My herbs start to grow again. I just love my herb garden.
Cooking is not the same without them.

7. We can eat outside again!
Yesterday was the first time we had lunch outside.
It feels like being on holliday!

8. The blossoms on the trees, I love those fragile flowers.

9. Planning hollidays! We're off to Normandy next week,
it's just a couple of days, but I'm very much looking forward to it!

10. A few extra days off, in the month of May.
To me, the month of May is the most beautiful month of the year,
and I always feel it passes twice as fast as the rest of the year!

11. There are all sorts of outside activities being organized again.

12. I can leave the doors of the study and the kitchen wide open.
My cat loves it, she can go out and enjoy the sun as much as she wants,
and I can hop from the study straight to the patio, or into the kitchen.

13. With all the windows open, I can enjoy the sound of the children
on the playground of the nearby school, I hear the birds singing
and let some fresh air into the house!

I love spring, it's my favourite season!

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