Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekly Winners Streets and Alleys

Let me take you

through the old streets of Antwerp.

Can you hear the music?

Click the radio if you feel like it,
it recreates the whole atmosphere ...

free music

There is the music ...

and it's a beautiful day,

the Madonna looks upon us.

You can even look in ...

or look up ...

Come ...
let me take you to the year 1591.

It's the sixteenth century.

Tiny houses where cobblers used to live and work in.

Because they lived so close to the Cathedral,

they had to ring the heavy bell of the Cathedral

whenever there was a threat of danger.

The Vlaeykensgang,
a tiny alley in the middle of Antwerp.

Thank God they did not make that parking lot ...

This was fun.
And she's the one that made me do it.
She invited me to join this weekly photo project,
and I never regretted it.
Each and (almost) every week I try to make
a series of interesting pictures.
I have fallen in love with my camera since then.
I have discovered it's secrets while doing this ...
If you want to join us, or visit the other players,
go to Lotus' blog, the one and only Sarcastic Mom.
But beware, Weekly Winners is very addictive ...