Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photohunt Thirteen Teddy Bears

This week's Photohunt theme is " thirteen".
I wrecked my brains on this one, counting all sorts of things,
looking for an interesting sign,
or a housenumber, anything!
Finally, after being sick and tired of counting things,
I decided to use another strategy.
Choosing thirteen of my favourite teddybears from my collection,
and do a photoshoot with them ...

So this is my official Photohunt picture for this week,
thirteen teddy bears.

But I had some fun with them too,
so I'm adding a couple of extra pictures here ...

Four of them were hand-made by me.
First up is the big one in the back.

Number two is the cute little black one, the first bear I ever made,
together with my youngest sister.

It was made out of an old jacket of mine!
You see? He always looks like he's smiling!
Sitting next to him is number three, the honey golden one.

And number four, another favourite of mine, the yellow one.
It has a little musicbox in it's belly,
and the song is " You are my sunshine, my only sunshine"
Charming huh?

The last picture is one I made for
Project Looking Through.
I don't know if PLT is up during the weekend,
but I did one anyway.

I looked through a wreath,
and then had a little fun spherizing it with Photoshop.

There, I think this is one of my longest Photohunting posts ever!
Teddy bears always get me carried away a little!

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