Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thirteen Unfinished Projects ...

Stuff that I have started once with all the good intentions,
and never got to (probably never will ) finish.
I call them "my boulevard of broken dreams" ...

1. I have two knitted sweaters, half finished lying in my bedroom dresser.
I think that by the time I'll get to finish them,
they'll be so old fashioned that they will be fashionable again!
That's one of the reasons I can't get myself to throw them away!
2. At least two or three unfinished teddy bears
are still waiting to be put together.Their brothers have been
awaiting the birth of the little ones for years ...
3. Read the manual of my camera. Ummm...
4. Unpack that new sewing machine.
Well, I did unpack it, and I even tried using it once.
That's one of the reason #2 does not get finished!
I guess.... ??
5. Read the manual of that one as well. Yep! See what I mean?
6. Open that trunk of fabrics I have stored in my bedroom
and do something with it.
Something ... anything!
I can't even remember why I bought them in the first place!
By the time I get to using them they'll be fashionable again too!
7. Oh yes, I wanted to make a dress for my doll too.
She sits there naked, ewww!
In wich case fashion doesn't really matter all that much,
but it is still an unfunished project now is it?
8. Read all of the books I bought to take on holliday with me.
I don't even get to read them there either,
another hopeless project I guess?
9. Declutter my dresser of all the hopeless "what not to wear anymore" stuff
and go shopping for a whole new wardrobe. Ewww!
Sigh! I guess #10 should be "marry a millionaire?"
10. Work on the black dress of the torso displayed in my living room.
I don't think it will ever be completely finished,

there is always another stich and another little pearl to add, so ...
By the way, that torso is just doll size!
It's a shame and a pitty for me but I can't
put anything like this together for myself!
I wish I could ... I would not have to do #9 anymore!
Oh and umm ... if I could make dresses like that,
maybe I would be a millionaire?
11. A couple of drafts for this blog.
Remember the middle name meme Korie tagged me with?
It's going to stay there until forever I think?
12. Leaf through all of those culinary magazines I keep around the house
and tear them apart.
No no no .. I'm not about to destroy them,
just want to cut out all of the things that are important enough to keep.
13. Make pretty pages with all those clippings,
put them in plastic maps and into an organizer map.
Or two .... maybe three.
Four would be even more likely!
*Sigh* I started this project two years ago.
I keep buying new magazines, so I guess
it will never get finished? Unless .... Who knows?

Well, at least I finished this post didn't I?
I better start thinking about next week's TT!
No wait, I'll go read what the others are doing first!
You never know, it might be inspirational!
Care to join me?
They are all here ...