Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring is right here at my kitchendoor

"Teetu teetu teetú !!!"

It's still very early in the morning,
but the young parent Tits are already very busy feeding their young ones.

I can watch their activities from my kitchen, I think it's a gift from heaven.
The eggs must have hatched by now, the parents are flying off and on all day.
I can hear them calling to the young ones when they arrive,
pretty soon I'll be able to hear the little ones sqeaking as well.

It's funny, but they have a special routine with what they do.
They always sit ont the willow first,

next he hops on the (potted) tree on my patio,

The plantstand ...

Into the nesting cage, and out again ...

Click on the picturees to enlarge.
You'll see him/her coming out of the cage again!

This is the highlight of spring season to me,
watching them building a nest first,
and then raising their little ones ....
right here at my kitchendoor!