Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday, Never Can Say Goodbye...

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It was on my things to do list a couple of weeks ago and I did it!

I did it!

Spring must be getting at me, all I want ( besides blogging)
is to have things neat and organized right now!
I must admit, the support of all you other tacklers out there
is a great incentive.
This job had been waiting for me for years.
Every year, I washed and ironed all my clothes,
over and over again, and I could never bring myself to get rid of them.
"What if you loose weight again?" I said to myself.
" You should, you know!" another voice whispered.
Okay, three years ago, I lost quite a lot of weight.
That was the positive part of the health problems I had,
I started to loose weight without much effort,
and I bought a whole new wardrobe.
(It was fun buying clothes back then. )
But then I quit smoking, and one by one,
they ( the kilo's, the weight) all came back to me!

They even invited a few friends, duh!

I wanted to make stacks, Trinny and Susannah style,
you know .. yes ... no ... maybe.
Instead, I emptied the dresser on the bed
and I was faced with the huge task of trying everything on,
evaluating everything ... and finally saying goodbye to stuff
that had been lingering on for years and years!

free music

I have added some music here.
Click on the button to get into the groove, yeah!
It kind of dates the era of my clothes.
Music like that is perfect if you're cleaning, I always find it helps ...
I need all the help I can get doing chores like this!

I took one last photograph of my hand-knitted sweater,
I knitted it twenty five years ago, and maybe wore it twice?
Could never say goodbye to it, it was the first thing I ever knitted!

From then on, things started to look better.
Exept for my handbags, they were all over the place.
And then I remembered that old vintage suitcase I had, that would be perfect!
By now, the Martha Stewart in me was wide awake.
I polished the suitcase with some old fashioned bees wax,

and filled a cotton bag with dried lavender flowers,
and some essence to perfume the inside of the suitcase.

Perfect, isn't it?
As for the shoes ...

I found this, it's on wheels, and it slides under the furniture.
That makes it very easy to vacuum and get rid of the dust bunnies!

There, I'm so glad that's over with!
Let's see what the other tacklers have done?