Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun Monday, Childhood Memories

Molly is our host for Fun Monday today.
For your assignment tell us about a happy memory from your childhood.
If you have pictures, please show us your pictures.

A lot of the happy memories are from when I was
with my grandparents who lived in this small rural village.
I spent summer vacations there.

Every Sunday she would take me to church here.

During the sermon, I used to get very bored.
I looked at the ceiling, counted the windows
and looked at my reflection in the brass ball of that chandelier.

Parts of that service you were sitting on your knees,
and I can still remember how relieved I was
when we finally could turn that chair and sit down,
because by then, your knees really hurted ...

Every time you had to turn that chair around,
you could have a look at the people behind you ...

I tried to look at the paintings on the walls,
or tried to locate befriended people
in the other parts of the church.

I tried to decipher what it was
that was written on the floor, but I never could.

And then ... at last ... the service was over,
and you could head towards that door ...

and enjoy some fresh air again.
I remember looking up at the sky ...
The people gathered together in small groups
in front of the church
to exchange the latest town gossip.
That social gathering must have been
one of the highlights of the week for my grandmother.

And then finally, we left, and we could go home again ...

We rode on our bikes on those very small roads.

Sometimes we'd stop and pick flowers at the side of the road.

There was this tiny chapel at the corner of the street.
I always wanted to stop there and take a look inside.

And when we got home,
my grandmother would make me breakfast.
I was very, very hungry because
you could not eat before going to church in those days.
Freshly baked sweet bread, with butter and cheese
homemade jam and hot chocolate...

I loved my grandmother ...
Life was so beautiful there ...

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