Saturday, June 14, 2008

Postcard from La Provence, Day One

As some of you might know, we are on holliday right now.
But Blogger has created a planner button option a while back
and made it possible to prepare a few posts in advance.
The past couple of weeks I've been really busy
putting a couple of posts together for the next two weeks.
Each day I'll share maybe some pictures
or an interesting video about this beautiful piece of France
we are currently visiting.
In a way, I'll be guiding you through the most beautiful places
we ever visited ourselves, is that allright?

Before we actually reach La Provence we drive through
another beautiful region called the Drôme.
There is this intriguing place, the crocodile farm of Pierrelatte.
We had been driving past it for years on our way home,
until finally two or three years ago, we decided to stop
and visit it. We did not regret it, it's a very interesting place.
I have no pictures of my own of this visit but
I found this video on You Tube for all of you to enjoy.
You can see the hatchlings, a giant turtle,
... and croccodiles ... making whoopi! Hehehehe!

Please don't be shy and leave me a comment if you enjoyed this.
It's so nice to read some comments when the holliday is over.