Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekly Winners, the Dinner Party

My friend Annie and I love to cook.
Three or four times a year we get together,

pick some nice recipes ...

and spend an entire Sunday afternoon cooking together.
In her kitchen,

or in mine ...

This is my friend Annie and her husband.
Now let me invite you to the dinner party we had last Sunday.

Please be seated and enjoy...

Our three little appetizers ...

Sushi with an Italian twist of tomatoes and Mozzarella,
served with a basil dressing and North Sea shrimps.

Mousse of smoked eel.

And a cappucino of aspargus.

As a starter we serve you langoustines in a crispy jacket
on a salad of fresh spring vegetables.

I think my hubby likes it!

The main course is seabars with a Chamagne sauce, asparagus and a herb salad on top.

a good glass of wine of course ...

Good things never last long though ...

As for dessert, we have a dark chocolate cake topped with
a delicious chocolate mousse,
Mojito sorbet and rasperry coulis.

A day of wine and roses.

I hope you enjoyed it ...
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Sarcastic Mom, AKA Lotus Caroll.

See you all again next week!