Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekly Winners, the village of my grandmother.

My weekly Winners tour for this week is at my grandmother's village.
It's a very small farmer's community called Meetkerke,
not far from Bruges, in Belgium that is.

We were there to put some fresh flowering plants on my grandparents grave.

While my dad was busy doing this I made a few pictures.

This is the view when you come out of the church.

This is where the parish priest used to live.

I remember visiting there once, and it had this exact same floor inside.
Don't worry, I didn't burgle the house.

Across the street, where the local pub used to be
there is a small restaurant/tearoom now
and that's where I took this floor picture.
I made this one for Project Blue by the way ...

And this is a view I saw so many times as a child ...

I was taking this picture, and a little boy asked his mother
why on earth I would want to make a picture of a cow ...
Little does that boy know ...
Maybe, twenty years from now, he'll want to do the same ...
I hope it 'll still be as untouched then as it is now ...

If you're interested in seeing some more pictures of this village,
please visit tomorrow's post, my entry for Fun Monday.
Tomorrow is all about my childhood memories,
I know I have a lot of them from this place ...

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