Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Project Blue From the Ground Up #3

I love Anna Carson's photography projects,
and Project Blue is one of my favourites,
because I happen to like that colour very much.
But Project from the ground up is a challenge to me too,
so please forgive me,
I'm multitasking I know, but I can't resist!
I felt a little bit guilty because I uploaded pictures from my archives yesterday,
so I decided to have a go at it today, and have some fun with my camera!

This was my first shot, at noon today.
I had to go to work today, but when I saw it tonight,
I was not yet completely satisfied.
So I had another go at it.

I think I'll let you decide, wich one is better.

While I made the previous one,
I saw the reflection of the seagulls in the mirror,
and tried to capture those as well.
Hmm, I kind of like this image,
but the hole in the wall annoys me.
Maybe from another angle, I can avoid this as well?
Hang on, I'll try to capture it sitting in the bath?

Sitting in the bath is no option, that's not the right angle.
This one is the right angle,
only now the reflection of the light on the ceiling bothers me.
Let me try and make one in the dark ...

Twenty two pictures later ...

Hmmm, I think I like the very first one best!
Definetely ...

Oh well, at least I tried ...

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