Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Project Blue, the Final Episode ...

Bruges is to Belgium what Venice is in Italy.
That's why they call it Venice of the North.
But if you're born there, and your family lives there,
you hardly ever get the opportunity to be a tourist there,
and enjoy the beauty of that city.
Up until last Sunday, I did not have one picture of Bruges in my archives.
I thought this was a real shame and
I was really looking for an opportunity to do something about that.
I had a meeting with a Dutch blogfriend and my sisters
and we did a photostroll in Bruges.
Like most of the tourists visiting Bruges, we took a boat ride on the canals.
That boat went terribly fast!
The whole thing was over in twenty minutes
while it was supposed to last at least half an hour!
We were being ripped off as tourists in your own city, oh my!

Nevertheless, I was able to make some pretty pictures ...

I saw this pretty balcony
and all I could think of was,
Project Blue!!!

We took a walk "on land" later on
and we passed the exact same house, and I thought
... Project Blue!!!

I do hope the blue comes out enough though!

For more Project Blue pictures,
visit Anna's blog!
And keep visiting it,
she has such great pictures every single day!