Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photohunt / Project Blue #7

Photohunter wants us to show pictures of "bad hair" today.
There's no way I'm going to show you mine, uh-uh!

In fact, these guys were very reluctant to pose for me too!

They did not want to see,

... hear,

let alone talk about it ...

This is a little statue my husband once bought.
I never liked it very much, thought they were ugly.
And although it's been gathering dust for some years
because I neglected them,
that grey stuff is not dust, it's their patina.
I should know,
I was the one polishing it with a toothbrush
before I took the pictures!
Anyway, while making this series,
I've started to like them a little bit more!
And I like their message ...

Can you see how I have draped that gorgeous blue scarf behind it?
In a very creative, artistic and skillful way? Ahum ...
And the shades of blue in that silk? Hmm?

Multitasking again today,
it's also my post for Project Blue.
Clever huh?

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