Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekly Winners, New Camera

Weekly Winners is all about the favourite pictures of the past week.
I have made so many this week, this new camera is my pride and joy!
First thing I did was to step out on my patio.

Rainy day ...

Not quite there yet ... but I'm learning.
You can click to enlarge this one, to see the reflection in the water drops.

Honey? I brought you some flowers?

No more flowers for me thanks!
I'm exhausted!

Thanks for the nuts!

Next up was a walk in Antwerp,
I went back the next Sunday to redo the dragon fighting knight
on top of one of the houses at the Market Place in Antwerp.
Here he comes Melli, the dragon in it's full glory!

And yes, you can click on it, please do!

This is Libra, my birth sign.
I like her.
(You can enlarge this one as well!)

Different angle ...

If only ....

Oh yes, I do believe in angels ...

Looking up ...

Bridging the gap ...

opening doors ....

This was tough! I had so many to choose from.
Oh boy, I love that new camera!Speaking of opening doors ...
I'll be here tomorrow with a new photo challenge, called "Opening Doors"
The idea is to post pictures of doors, or details of doors.
It has to be your own picture, no stealing from Mr Google!
that's the only rule!
You can dig in your archives of course, it doesn't have to be a new one.
Be creative, and show me your doors!
Of course, I'll show you mine as well! ;-)
It will start tomorrow up until Saturday, Saturday included!
So if you want to join in, please do!
I'll have a new Mr Linky up every day, so you can sign in whenever you want!

But that's for tomorrow.
First up, is to go out and visit all the Weekly Winners participants!
They're at Sarcastic Mom's, AKA Lotus Caroll!
Would not miss that photo meme for the world! See you!
Oh and go by Alice's blog for more pictures of bridges.
She'll be closing the door of her own
photo challenge called "Bridging the Gap" today.