Friday, March 14, 2008

Fridge Friday ... I did it my way...

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Dear Fridge Friday people

(and other nosy befriended bloggers and lurkers out there)

After spending the whole night browsing through
You Tube's fridge related video's I have had it!
No really, I mean it.
I have seen it all!
You name it, I've seen it!
Kids, cats and even grown ups hiding in them!
I've seen other people sharing what's in their fridge.
I can see that every week if I want to.
But on video? Really!!

I even saw what happened to Lucy when she got stuck in the freezer.
And then I saw what happened to the hamburger and the fries
from Mc Donalds after more than ten weeks in a glass jar!
You would not want to know, would you?
All right, if you insist go watch that video,

but I'm not putting it on my blog!
Ewww, you know, seeing that made me think ...
It's not the mold that is the most disgusting,
but when even after ten weeks it still has none,
that's when you should worry!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say here
is that this will be our last Fridge Friday.
In case you're a new reader here, they are all here.
You'll understand better if you read them all!
I can't possibly do any better than I did last week.
Just in case you've missed that one, it's here.
It was hilarious, I know.
But that's the whole tragedy of it I think.
One should always know when to stop,
and it's better to do that on a high!
So as from next week I'll have to figure out something else.
It was fun while it lasted ...

**Grammy and I waving goodbye**