Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TheTrinny and Susannah shopping experience

Gosh! I did it!
I finally managed to get my husband into a store to buy some new clothes!
He absolutely loathes shopping for clothes,
it's always the last thing on his things to do list!
The excuses he uses range from " I don't really need anything"
or " I don't have time to go shopping" " Um ... maybe next month"?
It drives me crazy to see his dresser crammed with all this stuff,
but he really has nothing decent to wear!
I have to secretly get rid of some of those dinausaures that live in there.
The last purchase he had made on his own was horrible!
He just grabbed something, no need to even try it on!
It was cheap and that's all he cared to think of!
It was just awful!

And then one day, I ran out of patience.
I dragged him to the store at the end of our street.
No more protesting, I'm the one in charge here!
We were allone in the store, and there was still a lot to choose from,
even though the sales had already been going on for more than a week.
First thing I saw was a nice beige pair of trousers,
a very good basic. It fitted perfectly.
The lady of the store and I got to work.
Trinny and Susannah could not have done it any better.


I found a trendy jacket but my sweet hubby thought it was a little bit too trendy.
Hmmmm, no ... okay?!
"Oh look" he said " what a lovely sweater, I like that one!"
Mmmm, okay ... not bad ... but very beige though?
Different jacket, a couple of matching shirts ...
"Come on, try them on!"
(By then that was a command, no longer a request!)
While Trinny and Susannah kept searching other things
he dissapeared into the fitting room.
That guy was suffering I'll tell you!
We heard him sigh , mumble and murmur ...
But we didn't give in, and we kept searching.
"How about this?"
Not bad, maybe this too?
Oh and this?
I had spotted a different sweater, well in fact the same one
like the beige one, but this one is blue.
VERY blue ...

The curtain opened.
Oh my God, is that really him?
Look at him, my new man!
He saw the blue sweater
(I had already presented it to him ten minutes ago)
and mumbles, not "that blue thing" again!!!
Trinny looks at Susannah, and then we both look at him ...
"I want you to put it on!" I urged him.
Allright he sighs, knowing that he can not disobbey
two determined women.
If it was up to him, half his wardrobe would be navyblue,
grey or beige or brown.
Time for a change!
It looked great.
But he still was not sure.
He kept looking around in the shop, wearing the new outfit.
Another lady and her son walked into the store.
My mister grumpy still mutters ...
"I'm really not sure of that colour.
It does not quite feel right you know!"

I'm getting desperate, he looks great in it!
The lady understands the situation in no time.
She's with me on this one.
And then she says, "the blue sweater is just gorgeous.
The beige one makes you look like a granddad,
but this one is really great!!"
He turns around, looks at me and says ...
" Do you two know each other or what?"
We had never seen each other before in our lives!
Sold! I said!

He dissapears into the fitting room again.
And then I hear his last helpless whisper ...
"All right, okay ... you win.
A haven't got a darn thing to say about it anyway ..."

Two shirts, two sweaters ( yes, the blue one too!)
one trendy jacket and a pair of trousers later ...
I released the hostage ...

But it looks great on him!