Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tackle it Tuesday, why not?
Exept ... I may have tackled this the wrong way around?
You see, my washing machine passed away last week.

She was a faithful servant for more than twenty years.

As it happens, I cleaned and organized my laundry room the week before she died.
Can you see how well organized everything is?

And now I had to take everything out again ...

And now it looks like this ...

Clean, and empty ...
But the other rooms ... My guest room now looks like this? Aaarggh!

I guess this looks even worse?
Same mess, different angle!

And my living room looks like this!
It was tidy,
and now the place is a mess!
That's me.... I think I tackled it the wrong way?

Posted 8:30 PM

The new beauty has arrived this morning
and I have reorganized the laundry/storage room.

I bought some more storage baskets.
It's much easier to clean and it saves space.
I put related items together, so it saves me a lot of time when I make a shopping list.

The box with the red top is also on wheels,
cleaning the floor will be very easy in the future.
It can be used as a table for the baskets I use for my storage.

And now ....
Drumroll please!!!tata- tatata-ri-tatààààà!!!
Isn't she gorgeous?
I'm so happy!