Friday, March 7, 2008

Fridge Friday .... The Full Monty!

Okay, I promised you all the Full Monty.
But before we move on to that Monty stuff,
let's do a little bit of explaining, shall we?
I found the following explanation on the origin of that expression:

"It drives Brits nuts when people think ‘The Full Monty’ means stripping, because to a Brit it was a term used for decades and decades before as a catch phrase meaning to ‘go all the way;’ coined by General Montgomery’s cook as the military man always insisted on a full English breakfast before battle."

Breakfast ... fridge ... Okay, makes sense to me ...
Let's go ...

Still not satisfied?
What did you say? It's not what you were looking for?
Well, at least it had a fridge?
Oh you want the REAL STUFF?
Okay, okay, here we go then ...
There ...

Still not right?
OK, let's try this then shall we?
(Click on the radio button to get the complete experience!
I have picked a different version of that same song)

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I promised?