Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thirsday Thirteen, thirteen funny captions on yesterdays WW

I got some very funny comments yesterday,
when I asked you to caption the pictures!
Some of them are even crazier than my cat!

# 1."For my cuteness sake, LET ME IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!"
lol :P

# 2. I think your kitty's saying, "In? Out. In? Out. In? Out..."
# 3 "Let me in so that I can ask you to let me out in a minute!

# 4 are you going to let me in or not? I'm not going to stand here ALL DAY!

# 5. Could you open the door?
I need the outside loo!

1st pic- I gotta use the kitty box REALLY bad!!!
2nd pic- Hurry!!

# 7. In the first picture:
"Don't go near the litter box!"
In the second:
"Why are you looking at me like that? I only eat what YOU feed me!"
Alida | 03.12.08 - 12:57 pm | #

She wants her cat litter box has in a secret hidden place.
She loves her privacy.

# 8. on food....
filet o fish, please
that's what she wants.

# 9. Picture one: "Super Kitty hears the can opener"
Picture two: "Give me the tuna if you want to live."

# 10 When my sister's kitty looks at you that way she wants one of two things:
1. Whatever you are eating
They'll do anything for food, but they are usually very picky too.
Mine is not any different, but she does not like fish ...
Food and hunting for food ... oh yes ...
She used to be a great hunter when we lived at the other house.

# 11. "I am so worried. She is going to find out!
Then she won't love me any more.
I think I am going to cry. I didn't mean to do it.
Really! It's just instinct!"

"Please love me. Please. Please.
Come pick me up and it will all be better .

# 12. "No, I don't know where the canary went."

# 13. I was nowhere near the hamster cage!
Thanks to all you funny commenters, I had so much fun!
Thanks to Korie ( Lilacspecs) to show me the Lolcats link!

That's it for me today ...
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