Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekly Winners ... Locked up in Prison

Imagine this is the place where you're going to spend the next years of your life.

You're right, it's a prison.

The only doors opening ...

are the ones closing behind you ...

They watch your every move.

You're allowed to take a shower twice a week on Mondays and Thirsdays.

When you go for a walk and try to look up at the sky, this is what you'll see.

And when you return to your cell,

and climb those stairs again,

you're confronted to yourself again.
Wondering what you've done, and why?

You share this room with two other inmates,
and the paper girls keep you company.

Three toothbrushes ...

and three pieces of soap ...

And then ...

they close that door on you again ...

No folks, this is not what you think, I was just a visitor here.
And I did not have anybody to visit here either, this used to be a prison.
Up until 2005 it was still used as a prison.
They turned it into a museum recently.
It felt very strange, and I could not help imagening what it would be like,
counting every second, every minute
... the hours and the days.

This is my Weekly Winners for this week, it's different, I know ...

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