Monday, March 17, 2008

Manic Monday ... A good day for a Guiness ...

There are two kinds of people...
The Irish,
and those who wish they were Irish.
I have no Irish roots myself,
but I visited this beautiful country many years ago.

I remember the dotted sheep
the beautiful wild flowers,
the little country houses.
The funny colours they paint their houses in.
I remember the apple crumble we had for dessert.
The sing song nights at the pubs.
And playing the national anthem at closing time.

The dark Guiness on draught with the velvetty creamy white top,
that had to rest for ten minutes before you could drink it.

I have wonderful memories, but I find it very sad
that I don't have any of the pictures that were taken there.
Instead I found this beautiful video.

It says it all.

In honour of the Irish people all over the world,
on this St.-Patrick's day...

I joined Manic Monday for the first time this week,
It looks like fun, and I wanted to celebrate together with the Irish people today.
Theme for this week is " drink", but Ireland has so much more to offer.
Please visit the homeblog and the other players here.

Happy St.-Patrick's day!