Saturday, March 8, 2008

Photohunt ... Different

This weeks theme for Photohunt is "different"
I'm doing something completely different his week.
I love to cook and play with different ingredients.
I made three little dishes, with one main ingredient, asparagus.

On the left you see a little salad, with the stalks of the asparagus,
coeur de boeuf tomato cubes, spring onions, parsley leaves,
and egg mimosa. Sprinkled with some good olive oil ...
Garnished with some tiny purple and green basil leaves.
On the right there is a little mosaic of asparagus tips,
smoked salmon, hard boiled egg, fresh parsley
and cold potatoes salad with home made mayonaise.

Both plates are the same, yet they look slightly different ...

I completed the two cold dishes with a warm asparagus and parsley soup
served in a little espresso cup.

There you have it ...
different ingredients
different textures
different colours
Three different interpretations of asparagus on one plate!

This is my entry for today, I'll see you all again next week!
It's always a pleasure to join in and look
what the other players are going to come up with!