Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Winners ... Lillo revisited

Remember the Weekly Winners I posted in January?
I fell in love with this lovely place from the first time I saw it.
Click on the link if you want to see the pictures I took there in january.

The nuclear power plant of Doel and the industry that comes
with a busy harbour like Antwerp are just around the corner.

Still it has kept it's natural beauty.

You can see spring coming nearer ...

Yet last fall is not so far away either ...

The industrial plants at the horizon, can you see them?

And the moon?

I love spring ...

I really do ...

It's a new Weekly Winners where you show your favourite pictures of the past week.
It's the brainchild of Lotus, AKA Sarcastic Mom.
She invited me quite some time ago now, and I never missed one since!
But don't forget to visit the others there as well!