Thursday, April 17, 2008

a Thirsday Thirteen and some Peeping Through

My Thirsday Thirteen post is down below,
please enjoy my PLT pictures before you go!
I'ts new, and it's intriguing, and it's fun to do ...

Project Looking Through

The only requirement is the sensation of looking through something.
That keeps it specific enough to keep us focused,
but vague enough to free up everybody’s creativity.
I figured Project Looking Through — PLT for short — is a good name.

I'm one day late for this project because of the time difference,
so I am adding two pictures instead of just one...
They're both taken at the abbey of Tongerlo,
from the inside, looking out.
Don't forget to check out what the others have done with this theme!

For this week's Thirteen,
I want to share thirteen small or major events
from the previous week that I enjoyed ...
Things that made my week ...

1. I went shopping for clothes last Thirsday,
and found a couple of nice things to wear.
2. I owe that to the shop assistants who really
worked with me and helped me.
I need their help and their support badly,
because I loathe shopping for clothes!
3. I decluttered my dresser in my bedroom.
Yep! I finally managed to get rid of the
" what not to wear anymore" stuff!

4. I got it organized again.
It was a hell of a job, but it looks great now.
5. It was my father's birtday on Sunday,

and the whole family got together to celebrate.
Days like this are so precious ...
6. I was playing with my camera and found out how to use the zoom!
This too was one of the most exiting moments of my week!
Now I'm able to shoot the close-up pictures
Not with that camera anyway!
7. I managed to amaze even my husband with my pictures.
(he was the one who bought the camera by the way)
He never used it enough, and he never read the manual either .. so ...
8. Taking pictures of the daffodils with the droplets on ...

This was my favourite photoshooting moment of the past week!
9. My husband enhanced my computer workspace
in the study with two new big bookshelves.

I have all I need within my reach now, and it's even pretty.
It has become a very cosy corner.
10. That orchid he bought at the same time!
I do hope I can keep it alive, hmmm?
11. I had an extra day off this week!
Yaaay! Some extra me-time!
12. I used it to go on a photostroll in Antwerp!
I walked for hours, snapping pictures.
The music from the violin player in front of the church was divine.

And then on another location
I heard an old man reading poetry to his wife.
Secretly eavesdropped on them, it was beautiful.
13. I had a cup of coffee in my favourite coffeeshop!

There were loads of other things too that made me smile,
but hey .. this is Thirsday Thirteen huh?
I'm already looking forward to read the others ...
They are here ...