Friday, October 17, 2008

Number 326

This is post 326 on this blog.
If I add the Nablompomo posts I blogged on Ning last year,
this would mean that I have already published over 365 posts.

It's been a wonderful journey.
I've met all kinds of different people who shared slices of their lives.
There are all kinds of stories with one thing in common ... we're all humans.
We all have our happy moments and our worries.
So many things happen in a year, it's not just the change of seasons.
I've seen Father Christmas in a swimsuit, now that's an unusual idea for a European.
I've seen the damage of an ice storm, I had never heard of that before.
I've walked the streets of New York and minutes later I was in Waikiki Beach.
People moved from one place to another, building new lives in different homes.
Young mothers getting pregnant, others hoping to.
Their mothers becoming grandmothers, it's all part of life.
Some of my friends have overcome major health issues,
while others lost a family member or even a partner.
There is kid's stuff and the wonders of nature.
Well, aren't they both ... wonders of nature, I mean?
Cats and dogs, squirrels and deer.
Amazing skies .... or even caterpillars.

Blogging has made me look at myself and my own life sometimes.
It had me thinking "I'm so lucky".
And every now and again I think others are the lucky ones.
I still don't want to miss it ....