Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruby Tuesday, a Special little Ruby Moment

Todays Ruby Tuesday is about a "ruby" moment that happened to me yesterday.

On Mondays I cook for a family with two boys, age 10 and 13.
I have been part of this family for over two years now.
I have the key to their house, and by the time the mother
and her two boys come home their house is filled with the aroma's
of a couple of good home cooked meals.
I had been thinking about swapping yesterdays assignment to another day
since it was my birthday, but I had forgotten to ask last week.
I didn't want to disappoint the boys at last notice,
I know how they look forward to it and
they had no idea it was my birthday anyway.
So I kept my part of the bargain and went out to cook for them.
They came home around four o'clock,
and surprised me with flowers and a poem to go with it.
The poem was about how they loved me (and my cooking, hehe)
Getting flowers on your birthday is great, but they didn't know that
and that's the whole point!
They gave me flowers because they appreciate my cooking,
now, isn't that something? They made my day, they sure did!

When I came home I put them in a ruby vase, made a picture,
and decided that this precious little moment was to be my Ruby post for today.

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