Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Winners Baarle Hertog-Nassau

For this week's Weekly Winners, I had some fun with my pictures.
I used the time machine feature on my Corel Paint Shop Pro x12.
This effect made my pictures look like a 100 years old.
I thought this would be kind of neat for the pictures I made
in Baarle-Nassau early this week.
If you care to read some funny stories on this very peculiar village,
click on this link and read Friday's post.
You'll find some more pictures of Baarle there as well.

The village of Baarle Nassau is a Dutch Belgian border village,
situated in Holland. There is no real border as we know it.
Baarle Nassau is a very complex jigsaw puzzle of pieces of Belgium
in Holland and vice versa.
There is a Wikkipedia map in Friday's post explaining
this rather unique situation. ( just click on the link)
If you're confused, you might want to look at it first.

This is a ceremonial bounder marker in front of the church of Baarle Hertog.

The Belgian/Dutch border cuts through streets ...

through the middle of properties ...

or right through the middle of a house.
This house has two door numbers, one is Belgian, the other Dutch.

Detail of the old water pump .

The statue for the war hero's of Baarle that were shot in the second world war.

Baarle has some very cosy hotels and pubs .

These were taken inside the pub where we had lunch.

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