Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly Winners The Elephant Parade in Antwerp

This is a small selection of elephants that are on exhibition
in the city of Antwerp at the moment.
The exhibition called the Elephant Parade started out in Rotterdam
last year, and will be held in London next year.
They will be on display until November 6th, after that they will be auctioned.
The money will go to three different projects protecting the Asian elephant.
One of the projects is Miss Sozaida Salwala's elephant hospital in Thailand.
There are over 70 elephants in Antwerp. All of them hand painted,
some by famous artists, others by want-to-be-famous artists.
They're all different and very unique.
They come in all kinds of sizes ...

Out on the streets ...
I took most of my pictures at the Antwerp Festive Hall,
which used to be a dance hall but was recently transformed into a shopping mall.

There were some very adorable small ones ...

... and they all come with a certificate of course.

This is a public one, everyone can autograph this one.

The white one with the ballerina on top is my favourite one,
I made pictures from all kinds of different angles ...

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