Thursday, October 2, 2008

Summer and Fall

Thursday already.
October 2nd already.
The last semester of 2008, only two and a half months till Christmas.
This season always tends to make me a little bit sad.
Summer is over now, for real.
It's getting colder and darker each day.
The colours are changing, it's beautiful, but still...
The first cold days are here, and although I know I should not complain,
winters are not too severe where I live,
but I do not want to give into that right now.
I don't want to wear winter clothes just yet.
Perhaps, in a week or two, I'll be at peace with it,
but not now, not yet ...
In a week or two, maybe by then I will have decorated
the house with pumpkins, and all the warmth and good things of fall.
We'll probably light a fire for the first time,
burn lots of candles, bake an apple pie or something,
warm our hands on a bowl of warm soup.
But right now I'd rather still eat outside at noon,
or have an ice cream at the beach, the warmth of the sun on my skin.
But that's over now, I'd better get used to that.
It's raining again.
Summer is over.
For real.