Friday, October 31, 2008

Photo Story Friday, the Halloween Edition

PhotoStory Friday
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Well hey hello there, dear visitors.
Now don't leave ... don't be afraid, just let me introduce myself.
I am Mrs Doubtfire, and I live at Jientjes house.
People commented on my portrait yesterday,
saying I could use a new hairdresser, and you'll probably
say that my clothes are in rags as well, but to be honest,
witches do not bother with stuff like that.
I'm way too busy to worry about my looks.
I know I look a little bit crazy, but to tell you the truth, I AM crazy.
Being crazy comes with the job, so ...

I died in the flames in the dark ages.
That was because people did not understand me.
I had a black cat, and my black hat and long nose may have scared people.
I still don't know why they did it, throwing me in the flames like that.
It was awful. Oohhh I had my doubts about those flames, I was so scared.
That's how I got my name in the first place.

I found out it's nothing really, you just stare in the distance
and try to keep your mind on more pleasant matters.
Because once you've you died in the flames, you get to become
a real witch, and I already knew witches can not die again.
So nothing can hurt me no more.

I've always been very eager to learn new stuff,
and do some experimenting of my own.
There's only one way to become a good witch, and that's to try things,
that's what my aunt always used to say to me.
If it does not kill you, it makes you stronger, so...
Mind you, I can be forgetful at times.
But that can lead to some very interesting new discoveries,
and I just love inventing stuff by accident.
Like that grape juice I forgot about a couple of months ago?
Well, I tasted it, and it made me a little giggly but I kind of like that.

What I really looooove to do is to go out in the woods and pick things.
And when I come home, I poor myself a nice glass of that giggly stuff
and start throwing a couple of things together.
I believe people call that cooking nowadays,
but don't forget that I was the one who invented that.
Oh and um, okay, I'll admit, not all of the stuff I try really works, but hey?
Like I said, if it does not kill you, it makes you stronger!
Mushrooms are really my favourites! You know, you would not believe
that purple colour you get from some of them when you throw them in the flames!
Mind you, some of those mushrooms I bring home
really can make you talk funny, but even that wears off in a day or two.
Oh but don't try this at home though, I've got to warn you!

Flames do not scare me anymore now, I've learned to love them.
It's my cat, she's not to keen on them though.

I think I'll have to teach her the hard way ...
Oh and um .... do not try this at home either!!

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