Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Confessions of a blog addict

I have a confession to make.
One I'll probably regret in the near or the not so near future, I don't know? ( I'm sure!)
I'll probably get an avalanche of them ...
Yes, (come to think of it), I 'll (most certainly)/(probably) will drown in them one day!
I'll have huge desk drawers stuffed with them...
They will probably keep me awake at night! (I sincerely hope not!)

But as for now reading a comment on this blog saying "you're being tagged"
makes my heart jump!
It flushes adrenalin down my veins, and a certain calm descends upon me ...
( I know ... it all happens at the same time ....
Yes I know it's not logical from a medical point of view, but that's what happens!
I must be the most unimaginative blogger ever, to be happy with a meme,
... but I am!
At least I'll know what to write about.
Having made my vows to do 365,
( for better or for worse, remember?)
it comes in handy to get some or other assignment!
That's why I find it very thoughtfull of PG to tag all /(some?) 365-fools with this!

You know, being tagged with this one, I can post something really silly
and not being held responsible for it?
It was not really my idea was it? Hehehehe!

Okay, okay I'll cut the crap!
Let's get down to business!

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people. & post a comment here once you post it to your blog, so I can come see.

Now let's see?
I think I'll do number five first! That's the fun part !!!
Make someone happy with a meme!!!
The nominees are ...
all who happens to read this.
And I'll keep the names of the real winners to myself for a little while longer! (BIG GRIN!)
I can hear Sandy yelling ... oh you're such a tease!!!
Right Sandy?

Okay, okay, I'll cut it again ( that crap I mean!)
I have even gone through the trouble of shooting a picture.
You know, just in case one of you would not believe me?

Now folks, look at this ... what do you see?
The nearest book?
Can you read the titles?
Can you see the post I'm working on?
Can you see the picture of my cat burgling the fridge?
The nearest book...
Since I am lefthanded, that would be the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary.
You see, where I come from we speak Dutch.
Or Flemish. That's almost the same.

I was foolish enough to join 365,
and write a post every day in a foreign language !
I'm not kidding, you know ... that's why the nearest book is a dictionary!

Page 123 ... let's see ...
There is a drawing of a cock, a chick and a hen!
I'll count them as the first five sentences.
Underneath the drawing it says :
CHICKENPOX/noun [U] a desease, especially of children. When you have chickenpox you feel very hot and get red spots on your skin that make you want to scratch.

What do you think?
I loved it!

And now for the fun part! I love this even more!
Tagging ... * insert drumroll*
Christine, those chickens made me do it!
Eve, she's doing 365 too
Storyteller, who is in on it as well!
Julie, I hope nobody else tagged her yet!
And Chando, because this is a very suitable meme for a librarian!

And I am letting Sandy off the hook, she will get tagged in due time I'm sure!
In fact she already wears that meme crown! That same meme is up there as well!

There, that's all my crap for today!
* drumroll again please? *