Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thirsday Thirteen, things that make me happy ...

Thirteen things that made me smile these last few days ...

1. The new camera, although it still looks rather intimidating to me.
2. I enjoyed buying a new shirt for my husband.
It's really a Valentine gift, but since we agreed on not buying anything
( we bought that new camera) I have not given it to him yet.
I did not want to make him think he had to buy me something!
3. I have hidden it a little while longer and I'm going to give it to him on Friday.
Looking forward to give it to him!
4. Going out on Sundays hunting pictures together.
5. He calls me from wherever he is just to tell me that he loves me.
6. That e mail he sent me instead of calling me yesterday.
7. We had lunch together last Friday to celebrate our anniversary.
8. The glass of Cava that went with it ...
9. Me, secretly trying to make pictures with that new camera!
10. Coming home from work at six o'clock in the evening and it's not even dark yet!
Yay, spring is getting nearer, and the days are becoming longer and longer...
11. We have fixed the date for our summer holiday in France this year!
12. My boss has agreed to it! Yay!
13. Thirteen already?
There is so much more I have enjoyed this week, the birds on my patio ...
comments on my blog, walking in the sun, my cat ....

PS: This is one the first pictures I took with the new camera!
Have a great day!
Ps2: I can't seem to be able to reach the homeblog of Thursday Thirteen?
Anyone else out there with that problem?