Friday, February 1, 2008

Fridge Friday????

At ten o'clock in the morning I got this email today ...

A message from Geggie to all members of Fridge Friday on Blog 365!
Now, how's that for alliteration.
My fridge is up, how about yours? I'm hopping on a place in about an hour, but I'm hoping to spend some time cruising through your fridge friday photos later this afternoon.
Welcome to all of the new comers. There are also some members who haven't posted their friday yet. Come ON! Let's see whatcha got!

Let's see what I got?
I did some shopping today and this is what I've got...

Now ... all of this ....
has to go IN HERE!

And those little pots of mustard up there have to go in as well!
I took them out because I didn't have enough space a few days ago ...

Now, how do you do that?
Okay, the fruits are in there...

And the vegetables go in there ...
I'll make soup later this afternoon with some of the vegetables in the white box, and that 'll give me plenty of space to store those carrots!
The eggs are in the door.

I use the blue baskets to store cream, cheese and some ham or smoked ham we eat on our bread. I check the dates, and put the oldest things on top, to be used first.

There! All of that is now in there ...
After all, I am a domestic godess right?

You don't believe me?
You're gonna have to!
Europeans do not open their refrigerators in front of total strangers!!
I have already told you, didn't I?
How do you expect me to throw this on the internet just like that?
Be real!!!
Oh and euhm ... next time
Maybe next time ...
If you all beg me????
And I mean BEG me?

We'll see ...