Friday, February 1, 2008

I am a medior!

I must have been fighting some mean little bug last night.
Or maybe it was just my body telling me ( nonono, yelling at me)
to go to sleep for once before midnight, and GET SOME REST, damnit!!
Anyway, I was too tired to blog, all I did was hang on the couch and watch some television.
Which, for once was not a complete waste of time!
Well at least I have learned a thing or two ...

They have invented a new word in Belgium.
The word is medior.
And I am one of them.
Can you imagine?
I am a medior.
Nononono, not a meTeor!
A medior. Yuck!
If I was a meteor, at least I could have a blast, right?
It sounds terribly mediocre to me.
But that's not what it's about.
It's that stage before senior, medior!
50+ people are mediors, and that makes me one too.
The midlife rocks generation, yeay!!!!

They'll even introduce new TV programs for us, mediors.
Slow(er) and more in depth programs.
Not that loud, flashing stuff, no.
Oh I get it, they'll try to put us asleep without taking pills?
They said that half of the population in Belgium is in that group!
Yeay!!! At least I'm not alone, that's a relief.
I'm not a dying species, whuhahahaha!
Not yet anyway...

Midlife rocks!!! yeayyyyy!!!!!

... I think I'll stick to blogging!