Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photohunt ... Free

It's a great day for a Photohunt today!
Visit the other players here ...

This week's theme is "free"!

Matthias is free ...

Matthias is a street artist in Saint Rémy de Provence.
He does a robot dance act, and the golden morning sun lightens up
the colours of his costume and makes him look like something out of a fairy tale.
For years and years, he has been waring the same blue outfit.
He stands in the hot sun all morning on Wednesdays, "le jour du marché".
And when he really gets too hot, he pours a bottle of cold water over his body.
I have seen him do it.
The sun is for free.
So is the water from the fountain.
And the candy he hands out to the children.

Matthias merely collects a few coins.

But the smile on that little boys face is priceless....

Saint Rémy de Provence
June 2007