Friday, February 15, 2008

Fridge Friday!!! The make over

How fast time flies huh, Friday again!
Where's the rest of the week gone to?
Fridge Friday, although I think I might be the only one this week?
Where is everybody?
Anyway, I was alone last night, and I had a long conversation with Grammy!
Yes! Grammy!
Oh yes, you've already met her I guess, but you didn't know her name?

Say hi to Grammy, because she's a very shy fridge you know!
She's a European fridge and that means she's very sensitive ...
oh, and just a teeny weeny bit old fashioned too!
Of course, at her age, she's allowed to be the kind of ... per.... fridge that she is!
She's done a terrific job! She has been with us for quite a number of years now.
And she's still not thinking of retirement, why would she?

She's just not up to that photoshooting business, she told me!
In fact it almost freezes her to think I would show her insides on the internet like that?
She's had some issues on that one before,
I don't think I'd want to scare her any more than I have to!
She complained that she looked very messy, so I gave her a good clean last night.
I know I know, it was Valentine's day but my husband had to work,
and what is a girl supposed to do on Valentine's night when she's all alone in the house?
Talk to the fridge, clean ... oh and blog of course!
Exiting huh?
Anyway ...
I have removed all of the expired stuff that was bothering her!
I even took a picture of it! Look ...

A note from the pharmacy telling me they are going to be closed
.... until the fifth of january!
Disgusting isn't it!
And a pizza hut coupon expired 3/12/07!!!
Gross! Yuck!

Anyway, I gave her a complete make-over!
She now looks like this, great huh?

Okay, okay, now you'll all want to know what is up there?
Take a closer look...

From left to right:
I love magnets, and I collect them, but using them on the fridge is not always such a great idea, as some of them tend to drop off and break sometimes!
So I'm mostly trying to use the unbreakable ones.
The red one with the cat has a cute quote: it says "Nine lives and I had to choose this one!"
The other one says " People who do not like cats were probably mice in their previous life!"
They were gifts by a friend of mine who takes care of my cat sometimes!
Since it was Valentine, I decided to put the Valentine cards up too.
The red card says "I love you so much", and the one next to it is the one my husband gave me.
And of course it has the same message!

Above the badge with Gram's name ( we changed it to Grammy later!)
is a sad little magnet that misses a piece, illustrating why I prefer to use unbreakable ones!
A little bag of basil seeds, to be sown when summer comes,
is a present from my Dutch blogging friend.
A garbage callendar, that's the red and green one.
This one has to stay up there for the rest of the year! Ewww!
Left of it is there's a drawing by my nephew, whose birthday it is today!
Forgot to send a birthday card again, I'm always late with them!
The cook's hat magnet is one his sister Paulien made for me. It's very unique, I love it!
The green ones are from the flower shop, reminding you to buy flowers on a Friday!
Flower Friday, oh I kind of like that!
Underneath the hand magnet it are some recipes I plan to make in the near future .
And the little furry bear on top I bought in Spain, he's cute!
It's not a bear, it's a lion actually but I didn't notice it when I bought it!
There! What do you think?
Any more questions?